Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Gyan from a four year old!

The other night when I was taking my LO to brush her teeth, this is what followed...

LO: Mamma, I do not want to brush my teeth tonight, please...
Me: No, that is not right. We need to brush every night otherwise the germs will come and eat the leftover dinner from your teeth.

After a seconds hesitation..
LO: Mamma I think germs are good.
Me: Why *suprised*
LO: Because if they eat it it from the teeth then there is no need to brush..

And then I am quite stunned to speak for a few moments afterwards, And believe me I am not the one to be at a loss for words with anyone. So it looks like my daughter is really taking after me!!

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Bubba Talks

Bul means Blue
Chawberry -mean Strawberry
Muddy cuddles - Muddy puddles
Wooter -  means Water

The other day she asked me which is my favourite color..As I was busy I distractedly said Orange.
Then a week before my birthday when her dad asked her what present we should give Mamma..she immediately responded, "Mamma likes orange present!"

On my birthday I asked her "Where is my present?"
"It's hiding in the bedroom. "
She took me to the room, I knew there was no present. So I made a sad face and said "I want my present"!
"It's hiding in the shop. Ok? Don't be sad. We will go and get your present."

I always intimidate her by mentioning about monsters when she doesn't listen to me. The other day when I tried the same tactic she says "Mamma, don't say that. I get scared. I feel sad. I love you Mamma"

Her best friend's name is Sai. I told her we will go with Sai and Meenu to Peppa pig world in the coming weekend. "Mamma, me and Sai go on the Peppa Pig car, there is no place for Meenu chechi"